About Us

JoAnne Newman loves people, the theater, being creative and pleasing palates.  After retiring from a career in Healthcare Philanthropy, she is on a new venture where her culinary, event planning and creative skills will be put to the test through Grand Finales Custom Cakes and Desserts.

JoiphonephotoIn her words:

Special occasions are like every form of entertainment – the curtain opens, the audience laughs, cries, is surprised, and the script builds to a finale.  My philosophy?  Make the Finale Grand!  There is nothing more disappointing than ending a special party with a dessert that tastes bland or artificial; or looks like it came off an assembly line.  So after many years of hearing my friends and family say: “yours tastes and looks better than that – you should be doing that for a living,” I have finally taken their advice.

When it comes to dessert, people sing for it, save room for it and even blow their diets for it.  It is my goal to produce bakery products that make you want to say: “wow,” “yum,” and “May I have another piece?”  I vigilantly strive to find the best tasting recipes for every item I bake and eagerly work with my customers to achieve total satisfaction.  This includes baking items for those with special dietary restrictions.

While I did not go to culinary school, I learned to bake the “4-H Way” back in the 1960s.  That meant not only producing cookies, a cake or pie for dessert, but demonstrating the “scientifically proven” preparation and baking techniques to a judge.  Presentation, taste and technique were critiqued.  Being the competitive person I am, nothing but a blue ribbon would satisfy me.  My mother still uses the first large glass bowl that she had to buy me when I started competing in Apple Pie Bake-Offs.  While my education and career path led me in other directions, I am excited to be in my kitchen, challenged with your Grand Finales dessert.

Because I am a home-based Cottage Food Business I can only sell and deliver directly to the customer.  This allows me to give you concierge service and I delight in working with each customer to not only meet, but exceed their expectations.  I prefer to be contacted as far in advance as possible to give adequate time and service to each customer.