Fine Print

For Your Information:

All orders will be delivered free of charge if within 10 miles of business address and order is $25.00 or more; otherwise, delivery charges may apply.

Cake flavors and decoration are discussed and agreed to with every customer before a final order is made. Grand Finales may provide samples for approval before baking.

Custom or large orders require a deposit of $20.00 or 50%, whichever is greater, payable a minimum of 5 days prior to delivery.

Ingredient lists and nutritional informational are available upon request for non-packaged items.

Products must be sold directly to the consumer within the State of Georgia only. Wholesale or out-of-state orders are not allowed under the current license.*

Grand Finales reserves the right to decline orders if it is unable to accommodate the customer’s needs or if the schedule does not allow for prompt delivery.


* Grand Finales is a Cottage Food Operation. It is not subject to state food safety inspections. For more information on a Cottage Food License, visit